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Whether you're fresh out of college or an experienced professional, INTECSEA is the place to be. We offer exciting career opportunities in floatingsystems, Arctic development, marine riser systems, offshore pipelines and subsea production systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. Here, you can have a long-term career that cultivates your expertise, uses your knowledge to the fullest extent and allows many diverse career paths. As one of the world’s leading deepwater engineering and consulting companies, INTECSEA offers limitless opportunities.

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Collaborate with like-minded people in an environment that embraces individual differences and rewards your best work. Deepen your expertise and learn from the insights of INTECSEA employees past and present, many of whom include patent holders, industry consultants and subject matter experts. Develop a diverse and esteemed network of colleagues from around the world - connections that will unlock your potential and propel your career for a lifetime.

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Since INTECSEA’s inception over 30 years ago, we have been defined not only through our leaders, technologies and services, but by our fundamental purpose and values. INTECSEA’s purpose and values serve as the foundation of our culture and brand, and ensure that we deliver innovations that matter for our customers and our company.